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Service levels required vary from customer to customer and differ based on the time and reliability factor they have. We have accordingly created our product-line, to suit both these factors.

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Intracity Expertise:

  • SDPE - Same Day Premium Express – within 4 hrs from pickup
  • SDNE - Same Day Normal Express – between 4 hrs to 12 hrs from pick-up
  • NDNE - Next Day Normal Express – before next day evening of pick-up
  • BDAE - By Day After Express – within 72 hrs from the pickup.

Domestic Services:

  • DICE - Domestic Inter-city Express – Carrying Documents and Samples to around
  • DIFE - Domestic Inter-city Freight Express - Carrying Freight (Cargo) to over
  • DLSE - Domestic Logistics Service Express to over

International Services:

  • IDPE - International Document & Parcel Express – Carrying Documents and Samples to Over 800 Destinations, in over 200 countries.
  • IFME - International Freight Movement Express - Carrying Freight (Cargo) to over 200 Countries.
  • ISLS - International Sea Freight Service - Carrying Sea Freight (Cargo) to all major Countries.